Revenge of the Faebots (Faerie Brace-Face Book 2)

Revenge of the Faebots (Faerie Brace-Face Book 2)

by Lotus Rose

The faebots are working hard to revive Cabby’s high school nemesis, Mackenzie, by downloading her data into the new faebot leader, who they’re calling the “Mackenzie Aspirant.” That’s because she wants to become Mackenzie, just so she can ruin Cabby’s life. 
Cabby and Darren struggle to find out where the data is being stored, so they can erase it before the faebots get to it. Because the last thing Cabby wants is all the drama that girl would bring into her life. 
She’d rather focus on her relationship with Darren, and, meanwhile, Darren would like to focus on Cabby, because he yearns to give her a ring to show how much she means to him. But rings are hard to come by in the world they find themselves in.


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