The Why You Do - Bundle

by Don Crosby

The Why You Do is for every person who has ever wondered, “Why in the world do I do what I do?” and compared themselves with their friends and family in the process.

“As an inmate in Madison Correctional Center I signed out Don's book from the library with the intention of reading a few pages before going to sleep. I started reading and couldn't put it down, after reading sixty-eight pages I finished the book the following day.
I wish I could have had this insight when I was younger before my troubled behavior started, just maybe it could have changed my life, but now I've learned that it's not too late, even for a guy like me." Jason - Madison Correctional Center

The story line moves from my impressionable childhood and family relationships, to adulthood—marriage, education, workplace experiences, church, and community life—while conveying the value of behavior and how it plays an all-encompassing role in our successes and failures.

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