From This Day Forward

From This Day Forward

by Bettye Griffin

In this revised eBook edition of a 2002 mainstream romance, Bettye Griffin paints a picture of familial love, unrequited love, and hope that never dies.

Cornelia Hatchet (“Hatch” to family and friends) had always planned to leave behind her poverty-stricken hometown of Farmingdale, Illinois, to attend college, but after her stepmother’s sudden death and her father's leg amputation, she gave up her scholarship to care for him and her two, much younger half-sisters. Her dreams of a better life become buried in a dreary existence barely eking out a living and a cashiering on the graveyard shift, leaving her days free to care for her family.

Investigative TV reporter Skye Audsley comes to Farmingdale to report about the deplorable living conditions there, but his primary concern is finding a live-in caregiver for his elderly grandmother. Upon interviewing the Hatchet family, he finds them charming, to the point where he stops in to visit when business brings him back to Chicago. He learns Henry Hatchet has died and that Hatch plans to bring her sisters to Chicago to live. He has a better idea, and offers Hatch a job as his grandmother’s caretaker in New York, with board for her sisters included.

Hatch quickly grows fond of her new charge and finally enrolls in college, but her dream doesn’t end there. She is secretly in love with Skye, even though she knows it’s hopeless. But Harriet Jackson, Skye’s grandmother, is equally fond of Hatch, and she has ideas of her own…


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