999 Players Club, Volume 2 (2 Strategies Bundle)


999 Players Club, Volume 2 (2 Strategies Bundle)

by 999 Book of Numbers

Featuring the “Polar-MPA Pair Stretch” and “GT9 Zero Pair Predictor” Pick 3 Lottery Strategies–

The “Polar-MPA Pair Stretch” system reveals in step-by-step, easy to understand terms how you can predict upcoming lottery draws based on the last digit of your last lottery drawing!

The “GT9 Zero Pair Predictor” gives you trigger combinations to watch for in your drawings, then shows you how to determine which zero (0) pair is most likely to show as a result of that particular trigger.

A side benefit of this strategy for some state players will be the bonus tip that SBIP999 reveals at the end which turns this strategy into a potent “doubles” identifier in your state games. And who wouldn’t want to double the money with just one simple tweak. This tip alone–if your state takes a liking to it–is worth the cost of admission!

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