by 999 Book of Numbers

The SD Zero NR Grouper Pick 3 Lottery Strategy shows you what to play anytime you have a “zero” in the middle of a Pick 3 Lottery Combination.

You will be given one pair to focus on once you see it in your single state lottery drawing.

This strategy helps you to significantly narrow down your lottery plays to just 10 combinations or less based on the 10 two-digit triggers that you see.

Add this new tool to your lottery strategy collection while reducing the amount of money you spend on every lottery drawing.

Plus, you do not have to play this strategy every day to try to get a win. Use it only when you see one of the ten two-digit front pair triggers.

  1. Only 1 Pair to Play
  2. Only 10 “two-digit” trigger combinations to watch for…
  3. Only Play When a trigger combination has shown so you
  4. Save $$$!


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