JCU Omnibus, Volume 2

by Ian Thomas Healy

The second anthology of Just Cause Universe stories is here to add more depth and breadth to this world of superheroes and supervillains! This volume contains three all-new never-before-published stories and two reprints.

Blacklisted is the tale of how Just Cause was created from the ashes of the first American superhero team, American Justice.

Winternight is the origin tale of the villain Winternight, leader of the Malice Group that plagued hero teams Just Cause and Children of the Atom in the Sixties.

Summer of Love is the long-awaited origin tale of Pony Girl and Audio, set during the Woodstock music festival.

The Steel Soldier's Gambit is a jaunty story about the Just Cause heroes enjoying some downtime.

Archenemy is a prequel tale to the novel Castles, released in April 2015.


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