JCU Omnibus, Volume 1

by Ian Thomas Healy

A collection of seven short stories set in the Just Cause Universe of superhero fiction. The Freakshow, Arrowheads, and Dust to Dust previously appeared in the collection Those Who Came Before (out of print). The Scent of Rose Petals previously appeared as a stand-alone tale. Pride, Falling, and Gideon's Horn are new tales never before in print.

The Freakshow: Four parahuman American soldiers go behind enemy lines in World War II only to discover a terrifying secret Nazi project.

The Scent of Rose Petals: An unpowered bank guard and a superheroine strike up an unlikely romance in post-World War II Manhattan.

Arrowheads: Super archer Dr. Danger teams up with American Justice to battle Nazi agents smuggling uranium.

Pride: The never-before told origin story of Lionheart.

Dust to Dust: Just Cause heroes gather to bury one of their own, but an uninvited guest will ensure additional funerals will be needed.

Falling: Exploring the relationship between Juice and Doublecharge, two leaders of Just Cause.

Gideon's Horn: Many Just Cause heroes lost their lives on 9-11-2001; here is what happened.


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