Muddy Creek Tales

by Ian Thomas Healy

Previously released as "Tales of the Weird Wild West, Vol. 1." This volume contains no new material from the prior edition.

This collection includes both previously-published and all-new stories:

THE MIGHTY PECULIAR INCIDENT AT MUDDY CREEK-What starts out as something simple as a train failing to stop winds up as something mighty peculiar indeed.

CLOCKWORK CHLOE-Bert Tillory can get any woman to say yes, but who is he really looking for?

POSSE-Sometimes when riding down a fugitive, it's hard to tell who's the hunter and who's being hunted.

HANGING THE MAGICIAN-It's one thing to capture the most notorious horse thief in the West, but quite another to carry out his sentence.

ALL IN-How high can the stakes truly get for a single hand of poker?

SPRING LOADED-Love and revenge, clockwork-style.

All this, plus an original cowboy poem and a preview of the novel PARIAH'S MOON!


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