The Oilman's Daughter

by Ian Thomas Healy and Allison M. Dickson

1907: A world of steam and steel, of brass and bravery. Spaceships ply the lanes above the Earth, running on coke furnaces and a prayer, while the atomic-powered Circumferential Rail runs the route between Paris, France, and Houston, Texas. Where there's cargo, and passengers of means, pirates soon follow, and this is how Jonathan Orbital, heir to the Circumferential Rail finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy surrounding a kidnapped French woman with a valuable secret.

Enter the roguish space pirate Phinneas Greaves, who kidnaps the beautiful and intelligent Cecilie Renault off the Circumferential Rail in order to deliver her father's research to the highest bidder. The smitten Jonathan will stop at nothing to rescue her, but both men soon learn the global implications of the woman's knowledge, and they are forced to wage harrowing battles across the Big Black of space and the dusty landscapes of the American West, with the only certainty being that those who want to exploit this revolutionary technology will stop at nothing to acquire it.

The Oilman's Daughter is a rollicking steampunk collaboration representing the best of authors Ian Thomas Healy (Just Cause Universe) and Allison M. Dickson (Strings, Colt Coltrane).


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