Caped: An Anthology of Superhero Tales

by Multiple Authors

A multi-author collection of eighteen original superhero tales ranging from the dark to the hysterical to the downright bizarre.
“And Introducing the Scarlet Scrapper” Leonard Apa;
“Sovereign’s Last Hurrah” David Court;
“RIGHTMAN! Loses the Faith” Gary Cuba;
“Dax and the Red Eyes” Adrienne Dellwo;
“Dum Dum” Leod D. Fitz;
“Light Therapy” Che Gilson;
“Pinning Portugal” Elliotte Rusty Harold;
“When Fukayna Danced Her Libraries” Jake Johnson;
“Super Frenemies” Stephen Kotowych;
“The Faces of the Wind” Laura Lamoreaux;
“Capacity Crowds” Paul McMahon;
“Heart of the Matter” Robert J. Mendenhall;
“Ebony Boneshaft, Secret Superhero” Wendy Qualls;
“Eye of the Beholder” Dave Ring;
“I Am Hathor” Aaron Michael Ritchey & Jason Henry Evans;
“The Romulus Proposition” Tim Rohr;
“Saul, Again” Eric Rosenfield;
“Damn the Dark, Damn the Light” K. H. Vaughan


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