Barfield School

by Barry A. Whittingham


‘Would this loathsome creature which had poisoned his past and was now infecting the present leave its slimy traces on his future?’

Disappointing academic results, an ill-fated love affair and a frustrating first job experience have left Michael Morgan deeply dissatisfied with the path his life has taken. He decides to train to be a French teacher. But he soon feels trapped by the job’s secure, yet uninspiring future while the atmosphere in the parental home is more and more poisoned. And his disastrous handling of relations with two female colleagues makes his working environment no less vitiated. He dreams of wiping the slate of his past clean by escaping to the adventure of a new life in France. But then he’s invited to share in an exciting business venture at home. Is the key to fulfilment to be found here?  Does happiness lie in pursuing his French dream?  Or is it himself he’s running away from? 


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