Designing Defensible Classroom Programs for Gifted Secondary School Learners

by Sonia White

PDF Version

ISBN PDF 9780473175191

This handbook for middle schools and secondary schools (high schools) comes highly recommended by some of the top educators in gifted education.  It will assist teachers, departments or faculty groups and school management to focus upon their planning and provisions for gifted learners. 

This book is crammed full of practical strategies and ideas that teachers can use to stimulate challenging, meaningful learning for gifted students. 

It also provides opportunities to measure current practice against best practice for gifted, and for teachers to ask: "What are we doing right?" "What's missing?" and "What can we do better?" Each section includes teacher reflection activities and checklists, so that reflective practice can be planned, trialled and evaluated through teacher inquiry. This makes this handbook also very useful for those providing support for teacher professional learning.

Sonia White (M.Gifted Education) is recognised internationally as a specialist in gifted education. She has had many years experience both as a teacher of gifted, and as a gifted education advisor to schools, providing professional development for teachers.


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