Secret Passages

Secret Passages

by Paul Preuss

"Mr. Le Carre, meet Dr. Feynman! ... [T]his one really makes the earth move." —Ursula K. Le Guin

Returning to the characters and setting of his widely admired novel, BROKEN SYMMETRIES, SECRET PASSAGES is the story of a revolutionary physics experiment.

SECRET PASSAGES centers on Manolis Minakis, a shepherd boy who grows up orphaned and wild on the island of Crete. But after a meeting with archaeologist John Pendlebury, who appreciates Minakis’ innate gift for mathematics, he is sent to Cambridge University. There, Minakis becomes a renowned physicist and eventually a successful industrialist, returning to Crete in retirement. Using a cache of Minoan treasures, Minakis lures photographer Anne-Marie Brand and her husband, theoretician Peter Slater, to aid in his experimental attempts to recover the past.

Set against the colorful background of the island of Crete, the legendary home of a once-great civilization, earthquakes, love, loss, and the mysterious history of the physicist Minakis make this a fascinating and enthralling novel.


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