Flashover (Georgia Skeehan Thrillers - Book Two)

Flashover (Georgia Skeehan Thrillers - Book Two)

by Suzanne Chazin

"Will do for firefighting what Patricia Cornwell did for forensic science." —Lee Child

Georgia Skeehan, a marshal with the New York City Fire Department, investigates the deaths of two doctors, both victims of fires that show signs of a "flashover"—the overwhelming combustion of a room and its contents by simultaneous ignition. Each worked on the board approving "line of duty" compensation for disabled firefighters.

Georgia is left grasping at straws when her best friend, a detective with the NYPD, disappears, and Georgia’s boyfriend and fellow marshal is found in her blood-spattered apartment. Betrayals—both private and professional—have never hit so close to home. Georgia finds frightening evidence that a long-ago tragedy may be behind these vengeful acts. The question is, can she stop them before they consume their ultimate target—Georgia herself?


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