Virtual Airplane

by Witold Jaworski

"Virtual Airplane" will teach you how to create the model shown on the cover. It assumes that you may know nothing about the 3D modeling software, so it starts the course from the very basics. In subsequent chapters the author builds a computer model of the P-40B fighter. Every step of this workflow is shown in numerous illustrations.

This guide contains 1339 pages and 2440 illustrations. This is probably the thickest book about modeling and the thickest book about Blender 3D software ever written.

Note about book formats:
For those who bought previous editions of this book from Lulu web shop, I placed the link "Other Retailers". However, I strongly recommend to buy this guide directly from this Ganxy site, because Lulu offers just the PDF format, while from Ganxy for the same price you are receiving all three e-book formats: PDF, MOBI (for Amazon Kindle for PC or Android tablets), and EPUB (for iPads). What's more, on Ganxy I am able to update the files referenced by the download links (also for those who already bought these books). It allows me to keep this guide updated. Such updates are not possible on Lulu.


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