Blowout Sax - A revolutionary approach to playing the Saxophone - Alto Sax Version

by Mark Archer

Two recommendations that say it all.....

Blowout Sax book "A revolutionary approach to playing the Saxophone" Having never played a musical instrument and not being able to read music, maybe there were easier choices than learning to play the Tenor saxophone. But I've always loved the tone and versatility and when my wife bought me a Tenor sax and Mark's book for Christmas 2 years ago I went for it. 

The book is well written and illustrated, taking you through each stage with hints, tips and great tunes to play, many of them classic Sax favourites like Baker Street, Pink Panther and Girl from Ipanema. Within hours I was playing a recognisable "Ain't No Sunshine". There are 2 excellent CD's with more teaching, sound checks and play along tracks. 

Two years on I still refer to the book and play some of the tunes, I still don't read music, yet have played live gigs and have over 100 songs in my repertoire. The book got me off to the perfect start. 

Jon, entrepreneur.


"I borrowed this book from a friend as I couldn't afford to take lessons. 

The first chunk of the book was particularly helpful for an absolute beginner; everything from how to assemble the sax, where to put your fingers and the correct breathing techniques is covered in layman's terms. This is a theme throughout the book - there is no assumed knowledge of how to play the instrument. 

For me, the most important feature of this book has been the simple pictures which illustrate where to put your fingers for each note - there is a side view of the Sax as well as the front view so you can't get confused.

Each note is individually introduced to the reader with relevant comments highlighting the foibles of each note e.g. for E: "Make sure the notes are high, if they come out too high, make sure you are not overblowing..."

This anticipation of problems which a beginner is likely to encounter, and the quick-fix solutions which are provided meant I was able to progress through the pages at my own pace.

At the back of the book there's a huge Sax Scales Chart which I imagine will come in very useful in the future.

The accompanying CD means you can hear how songs are supposed to sound allowing you to play around with your own technique until you can mimic what you hear. 

If you're looking for a book which gets straight to the point without the waffle and is easy to understand for an absolute beginner then I'd highly recommend Blowout Sax." 

Stuart, Music promoter

Contents : You will receive The Blowout Sax - A revolutionary approach to playing the sax book,and all the accompanying audio files to go with the lessons in MP3 format.


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