Sax Madmen

by Mark Archer and Tony Clark

It is often said that madness is the other side of the coin from genius, and the saxophonists described in this book certainly qualify for both adjectives. This book is an enthusiastic distillation of numerous heavy tomes on the life and work of some of the most notable sax
players, together with the man himself, Adolphe Sax; the inventor of the wonderful machine.

‘Strikes a masterful, perfect balance between info, humour and insight, wonderfully informative, conveying strongly the passion and excitement these two wonderful music and
sax-mad writers have for their subject. Superbly illustrated too. This great book has abundant style and oozes character, just as I would expect, its authors do too. A must for all players and lovers of the saxophone’ - Snake Davis.

‘Fantastic book - puts you in contact with the centre of things - it’s so humbling to think that no one played like these guys before these guys - I’ve been lucky to meet and talk with Ornette and Sonny Rollins and I once stood at a bar in Paris next to Dexter... and am still buzzing... join the jazz revolution and read this book’ - Andy Sheppard. 


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