A Good Business Plan is a Beautiful Thing

by Donald Bittar

Winners plan to win!
Launch your business plan in the money, right away.
Build your financial freedom on a successful business.

The author shares his money making techniques as a Fortune 500 business planning guru.

"I rarely come across any books that I get excited about. Don's book is exceptional. He has laid the entire business plan process out in a detailed, easy to understand and easy to follow method.  Just my two cents."  Robert Kiemer, Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

Accompanying the book are:
►  A ready to go business plan narrative Word template
►  7 user friendly Excel modeling tools to determine: Selling price ●  Average customer purchase, quantity, frequency ●  Customer value and competitive advantage ●  Target market size and characteristics ●  Revenue and cost forecasts ●  SWOT ● Personnel planning ●  Start-up capital requirements ●  Financial statements ●  Implementation milestones

You'll get all 3 formats: MOBI, EPUB AND PDF

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